I'm going radio silent until the new year. (This date may change.) As most of you already know, I'm my in-laws' primary caregiver. We are pretty sure that my FIL is actively dying. He's hallucinating a great deal, so he needs my full attention. He's not eating or drinking. Sometimes he stops breathing altogether. At this point, I don't have the time or the energy to participate in all of the author/book groups I'm involved with or my own pages, let alone write. I'm going to take the next month or so off and simply be with my family. I will do my best to uphold any contractual obligations I have, i.e., giveaways, events, newsletter swaps, and so on, but I might be late with some, and my promotion of all will most likely be sporadic. If you need me feel free to email or private message me. I will answer the messages as soon as I can.


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