WIP 10-24-14

10-11-14 I'm starting the weekend out right by working on Outcast. Leigh, she is the main character of this novel (Yes, Leigh she has your name. I'm not sure who she looks like, yet. I'm only starting to see her personality.), is showing how strong and defiant she really is, which is a relief, considering how insecure and emotional Abby was in the beginning.
Here is a look at the chapter I worked on today: "When I think of my situation that way, I realize how much they do love me and how awful they must feel having to divide their loyalties the way they are."

Due to a tornado passing over my home, I had to skip last weeks' post, The above section was all I managed to work on last week. I did manage to get a good deal writing done this week. The following are excerpts from what I did this week...

10-19-14 So with the storm, my power being out for a few days, then no internet, and my laptop needing an operation yesterday to keep it alive, I decided today was a great day to get back in the writing mode. I really want to tell you that I wrote thousands of words, finished the ghost story, and got half-way through the first draft of the next ALONE novel, but I can't. Mostly what I've down is reread the last chapter I wrote, stare at the screen, look over my notes, stare at the screen some more, type a line, stare at the screen. I'm giving up for today. Here is a line from the page I did manage to get out: As she relaxed into her thoughts and the boring movie, Michael did something he had never done before; he slipped into her head. He wanted to know exactly how she felt about all of this before he did anything else.

10-20-14 This chapter is still not wanting to come out easily, but I'm still going with the new ending, so maybe I won't have many more chapters after this one to fight with.
Here is a little something from chapter 25: He couldn’t watch her be with anyone else, that much he knew for sure.

10-20-14 OUTCAST -- I love it when I give a character two names. I was reading through Outcast, trying to figure out where I left off, and noticed that I've named one of Leigh's little sister's Tabitha and Maddie. So which name should I go with? Both seem to fit the little brat. I guess, for now, I'll go with Maddie. What do you guys think? Which works better for a young girl who is petite, spoiled, and raised within a pack that that thinks they are superior to humans: Tabitha or Maddie?

Here is a sample of what I worked on today: I kept Daniele in my line of sight as she made her way to the front of the chapel, ignoring all the glares I felt boring into me. I didn’t even acknowledge Maddie’s smug look when Daniele stepped in front of her. I did feel the heated gaze of one of Dave’s groomsmen; the one who escorted me to my seat.

10-20-14 ALONE -- My muse seems to be on vacation this week. I've failed to write more than a few sentences on any one project for days. Today was no different. I did managed a few sentences on the next chapter but nothing more.

Here is a sample of what I did manage to write: Vera wrapped her best friend in her arms and held her while she cried and begged God to let her husband live.

10-23-14 I'm not sure what is wrong with me this week, but on two different occasion when I sat down to do some serious writing, my nose decided to bleed profusely...as if I didn't have enough distractions and delays these days. Anyway, after that stopped, I finally finished the chapter that has been giving me grief. I learned a lot about my version of heaven today, so that was a plus.
Here is a little peek at what I wrote today:
“I want your permission to use your body to break the news. I think it would be easier coming from someone, in a sense, she knows, and sense you are aware of me, I didn’t feel right just taking you over.”

10-24-14 Outcast - So I started working on Outcast today. Just as I was getting in the groove, my brain switched thoughts to a friend's housewarming party, which isn't until December, and derailed my entire train of thought. For some reason, the thought occurred to me that I'm sitting in a Stained Glass Studio and I could do something way cooler than a toaster for a gift. Now my brain if full of a different from of creative ideas. LOL! Oh well, at least I managed to get some writing done.
Here is a line from the section I wrote today:
"The humiliation started the second I got of the taxi, which had pulled up behind mom and dad’s town car."

10-24-14 - ALONE II - Spent most of my time doing research for chapter 1 instead of actually working on the chapter and reminding myself that we are now a few years into the apocalypse and things have started to expire. Trying to stay true to that world is hard when I'm surrounded my to many conveniences.
I did manage to get a little writing done. Here is a line from what I worked on today:
“Here, honey, take this,” Vera said, handing Eve one green and white pill and a glass of water.