WIP Update 11-21-14

Saturday 11-15-14 Ghost story: Chapter 28 is finished. I'm having a pretty productive week. Go me. Here is a peak at worked I worked on today: Her head was titled slightly to look up at him, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her, and he thought he saw a look in her eyes that said she wanted the same thing.

Monday 11-17-14 Ghost story: Worked on chapter 29 a bit, and decided on an ending. Not bad for the day. While Kathryn has HIM and, I'm finishing up the ghost story, I'm also going to start another read-through of Resistant, my zombie piece, so be looking for some excerpts from it over the next few weeks. Okay, so here is a sample of what I worked on today:
"I really will be leaving for good soon. I’m going to let my soul be reborn. So I came to say my goodbyes.”

Thursday 11-20-14 Ghost story: Chapter 29 of the ghost story is done. Chapter 30 started. Almost finished with the first draft. YAY!!! Here is a peak at what I worked on today:
"Michael still lingered in their minds, and he always would. Unbeknownst to them, he was still lingering in the human world watching them, wanting to ensure that they found the happiness they deserved."

Friday 11-21-14 Ghost story: All I need is one more good writing day and I will finish the first draft of the ghost story. The last chapter is almost done. YAY!!! Here is a sneak peak at what I've worked on today:
She and Ian walked back to the cemetery. The short stroll made them both a little nervous, but neither said anything as they passed Michael’s head stone and headed toward the creek and the old tree behind which Michael usually waited.

I'm going to start editing Resistant, my Zombie piece next week, so get ready for some excerpts from that piece. :)