WIP 12-6-14

Monday 12-1-14 Saying Goodbye - Well, it is official, the first draft of Saying Goodbye, my ghost story is done. As of yesterday, I am beginning another read-through of Resistant, my zombie apocalypse romance to get it ready to go to my editor once we finalize HIM. Here is an excerpt from what I've worked on today:
Michael held out the vial, which the man took, disrobed, and lay down on the table. He took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

Monday 12-1-14 Resistant: As I mentioned earlier, I've now started another read-through of Resistant. I finished chapter two tonight, and from what I can tell, I have a pretty solid novel that is ready for my editor, but I'll know for sure once I finish this read-through. Here is an excerpt from that novel:

Wednesday 12-3-14. Resistant - Read through chapter 4 or Resistant. I didn't realize how funny this novel was. I found myself laughing out loud a number of times in this chapter. I hope you guys find this novel as amusing as I do. Here is a little excerpt for you.

Thursday 12-4-14 - Resistant - Here is an excerpt from the chapter of Resistant I worked on today.

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