WIP Update -- 9-26-14

Normally, I post updates on the pieces I'm actively working on whether the piece is in the idea stage, the writing stage, the editing stage, or something in between on my Author FB page or in the case of the sequel to ALONE on ALONE'S page. I'm going to continue to do so, but I also wanted to find a way to put those short updates on my new website. What I've decided to do is every couple of days I'm going to post a WIP update. I'll gather all of those short updates, compile them in to one, and post them here on my new blog.

So, here goes this week's WIP update:

Last night I posted this about my untitled ghost story: Wow, that chapter really wanted to be difficult. Okay, maybe it took so long to write because I decided to watch episodes 8, 9, and 10 of Witches of East End while trying to write the last three pages. My time was well spent. I love that show. Nine more chapters to go, and the first draft of my still untitled ghost story will be done. I can't wait. Here is a sneak peak at what I worked on tonight:
“So, you’ve been studying my face, have you?”
“Pretty much. Stalkerish I know, but there it is.”

Earlier today, I posted this about Outcast, a supernatural romance set in SHIFTER'S world: Emotional day. Outcast is really pulling on my heart strings. I'm doing this to my character, yet I hate the way she is being treated. Sigh. Here is a bit from the section I worked on today: "He wanted her to see him, to know that he was watching her, to maybe understand that he cared even if no one else seemed to."

Finally, just a few minutes ago, I posted this about the sequel to ALONE: Chapter 1 is in progress. Here is peak at what I worked on today: "The day after the crash, Will took a group of people to the site to investigate, but the remains of the plane and its cargo were beyond identifiable. If someone had tampered with the fuel line, engine, or anything else, there was no way of knowing."

Oh, I almost forgot. My editor and I are discussing my fourth book. I'm hoping it will be the ghost story, but if I can't get a final draft ready by at least the end of January, I'm going to go with one of the three novel's of which I have completed drafts. HIM is the one I'm looking over right this second. I'm about six chapters into the novel. I haven't been posting snippets from it because I don't think it will be my next book, but just in case, I'll start posting updates and excerpts from it with my next post.