Meet the Character Blog Tour: Meet Mave from SHIFTER

Thank you everyone for stopping by my blog. This is my third day on this tour. I’m so excited about doing this tour. I want to start my post by again thanking Emmy Gatrell for inviting me on this tour. Emmy's next character blog is live. Stop by her blog at Emmy Gatrell to meet her latest character. 


Today I want to introduce you to Mave from my modern-day supernatural romance, Shifter. Mave is the beautiful yet psychotic witch who curses Dimitri, a shapeshifter and the male lead of the novel, into a flea-bitten runt of a cat after he insults her by not calling her after their night together. Mave’s hometown or current residence is not known, but she spends a great deal of her time in Alabama stalking Abby, the woman who adopted Dimitri after Mave sent him to the pound in the hopes that he would be put down or at the very least neutered.

Not much is known about Mave, though it is obvious that she is desperate for male attention, which is a sign that she possibly has daddy issues, and is slightly on the delusional side. After one night of sex, she is completely taken with Dimitri. She takes him at his drunken word, believing that he, despite being inebriated, he has fallen instantly in love with her as she has with him. When she discovers he doesn’t even remember their night together, she curses him, and spends the rest of the novel trying to ensure he stays cursed.

Even though she is a bit obsessive and mentally unstable, she is powerful. She puts a curse of Dimitri that is so effective not even his parents can sense him or his power through their magical bound that helps all those in his pack communicate and one that no one can break.

Unfortunately, no matter how much power she has, her curse can’t stand up against love. When Mave discovers that Dimitri is falling in love with his new owner and the curse is weakening, she sets out to separate the two by any means necessary.

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