WIP Excerpt - 1-3-15 from Resistant

I had a wonderful morning with an amazing friend. We had breakfast and the best restaurant in town, then went back to her house so her son could open his presents from me. I had planned to have Christmas with my younger sister afterwards but those plans fell threw. That was all right because I just wrapped my stepmom's present. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. No, actually my husband is the procrastinator. I had to wait for him to get her gift together before I could wrap. I'm being secretive, but she reads this page. ;) No Christmas today freed me to read another chapter in Resistant. This chapter was a short one, but it brought me closer to the end and cleared up the misgivings my couple was having in the last chapter. Here is a little snippet from that chapter: 

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If you are enjoying the snippets from this novel, stop by often for more excerpts and so that you don't miss the novel's cover reveal or release date when I announce them sometime this year.  Resistant might not be out yet, but Shifter is. 

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