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Resistant Excerpt

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Resistant, a Sci-Fi/Horror Romance


Before the outbreak, Sahara was a high school teacher living alone in a small Alabama town. She saw her life as nothing more than endless days of teaching children Shakespeare and nights reading paranormal romances. She was happy with her life, as quiet and mundane as it was.

After the outbreak, Sahara becomes a warrior traveling across the country in search of sanctuary. She spends her days and nights killing zombies, searching for food, trying to maintain her sanity, and if Daniel has his say, finding love.

How will Sahara help those who are left find safety and stability in a world full of nightmares? Will she stop resisting the man she loves and open her heart, knowing that he may not live through the next second let alone the next year? Join Sahara and her people in a fight against creatures set out to devour them and the unknown threat controlling them to find out.

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