The Call of Her Wolf by Stella Night $2.99

The Call of Her Wolf by Stella Night $2.99


Ella McInery is running. She leaves behind everything she owns to escape an abusive relationship. Taking shelter from a storm, she stops in a small Texas town and discovers a dream come true. Determined to make a new start, she decides to stay in Whiskey Springs.

In this close-knit community, she discovers everything she has been missing. And if she can shake off the specters of her past she might have a shot at true happiness. Ella’s experiences have made her cautious but her attraction to her new boss may be impossible to fight. Everyone says history repeats itself. Ella won’t let anyone hurt her again – not even Josh Masters.

Josh has problems of his own. As Alpha of the Whiskey Springs pack, he takes his position seriously, keeping his pack safe and enforcing pack rules. With the arrival of a gorgeous human in Whiskey Springs, his problems have multiplied overnight. Every day brings another challenge centered around her presence in his town.

To become true Alpha, Josh lacks one key factor. He needs a mate. Wolves are said to mate for life, and Josh has yet to find the woman who calls to his wolf – until now. But it’s a choice Josh is not sure he can live with.

Not everything in this small town is as it seems. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and can lurk anywhere. And now one has set its sight on Ella.

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Also by Stella Night

A curvy, young scientist and a sexy, ex-soldier shifter find love against all odds.

When Sadie finds a lion on the doorstep to her animal sanctuary, she thinks it’s her fate to save the wounded animal. Sadie is shocked when the lion disappears from his cage, only to be replaced by a naked man. A very sexy, naked man who is about to change her life forever.

Dimitri is a lion shifter in a race for his life. Poisoned by his enemies, he turns to the one person who can help him, the beautiful, curvy daughter of the man who once saved his life. As an ex-soldier, Dimitri knows about war, but the one thing he can’t fight is his attraction to Sadie.

But the sexy, mysterious shifter is being hunted by dangerous people. Getting too close to her puts Sadie right in the line of fire. He’ll have to risk it all to save the life of the woman he loves, even if he has to die trying.

A full novel-length romance with a HEA and NO cliffhanger, The Girl and the Lion contains adult content and intense, steamy action.


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Shifter, Supernaturals Book 1, is a BBW paranormal/shifter romance available for $2.49.

Shifter is also available on Audio @ Read by Margi Stephens
Abby is a plus size woman struggling to learn to love herself despite the damage her ex did to her mentally and psychically. For reasons unknown to her, she wakes one morning with an urge to adopt another cat. What she doesn’t know is that the cat she picks is actually Dimitri Sullivan, the son of a local shapeshifter pack’s alpha who was cursed by a powerful witch into the form of a common house cat after he had a one-nightstand with her. As the months pass, Dimitri finds himself falling in love with his new owner, but there is just one problem, she doesn’t know that he is her cat and she is currently dating his brother. When the witch that cursed him discovers that by falling for Abby, he is weakening her curse, she sets out to stop this from happening by any means necessary.
SHIFTER is a full-length, stand-alone eBook.

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Outcast, Supernaturals Book 2, a BBW paranormal/shifter romance is $2.99.
Leigh Alexander has lived every day of her life feeling like an outcast amongst her family and the small-minded people of Pine Hollow, a secretive community to which her parents belong. When Danielle, Leigh’s younger sister, asks Leigh to come home for her wedding, Leigh’s torn between wanting to be there for her sister and saving herself from people who’ve despised her all of her life.
Knowing she’ll regret her decision, Leigh gives into her sister and goes home for what she hopes is the last time. Leigh was prepared for people to ignore her, for them to shun her, for them to point out all the ways she didn’t belong all because she wasn’t a size perfect, but what she hadn’t been prepared for was falling for Ryan Hart, a man who she will soon learn knows all of the secrets her family and the town of Pine Hollow refuse to tell her.
Revealing the truth about Pine Hollow and the rest of the supernatural world might be forbidden, but to save Leigh’s life, Ryan will tell her everything about who she is, or more importantly who she isn’t, even if it will forever change her life and the lives of every person in Pine Hollow.
Outcast is a full-length, stand-alone eBook.

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