The Mountain King: Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Romance (Dragon, Stone & Steam Book 1) 

The Mountain King: Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Romance (Dragon, Stone & Steam Book 1) 

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Renege on a deal with a Dragon Lord, and become part of his hoarde.

It wasn't easy raising three girls with Fae blood in the Outlands. If Kailigh wasn't busy chasing them out of the local taverns, she was busy teaching them to hunt, shoot and kill- to fight against flesh traffickers from the Cities, prowling town for girls to send to rich patrons.

And now, with the youngest shot and fighting for her life, Kailigh has no choice but to petition for the help of the Dragon Lord Maddugh, King of Coal and Mountain.

Only he's no fool- he knows right away Kai isn't quite human. And three girls of courting age? He's not about to let them slip through his fingers when his men are wanting for mates with even a drop of magical blood. So she'll have to strike a bargain. He'll save her daughter's life, and help her hunt the man responsible, but he has a price.

A price he demands Kailigh pay in flesh.

The Mountain King is Emma Alisyn's first dragon shifter urban fantasy romance, set several hundred years after a nuclear war on Earth. For readers who enjoy the following genres:

  • Urban Fantasy Romance

  • Paranormal Romance

  • Futuristic, dystopian, alternative history or post apocalyptic romance

  • Futuristic Steampunk

    Mountain King has a heat level of 3-4 (one to two intimate scenes with softer language.) Readers who enjoy titles from Emma's favorite authors like May Sage and Grace Draven will enjoy Mountain King.

For fast paced, romantic tension in a unique setting, download now.


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