WIP Update 10-10-14

Since I do #8Sunday on Sundays and Meet My Character Monday, I'm going to try to post this WIP updates on Friday, so here is my week:

Monday 10-6-14 -- This week is starting out well. I wrote another chapter in the ghost story. According to my outline for this novel, I only have seven more chapters to go before I finish the first draft. My goal is to finish the first draft by the end of the month, so pray my muse cooperates with my plans.
Now on to a sample of this chapter. Enjoy:
"Michael leapt from Ian’s body the instant they crossed the threshold of Ian’s apartment. “What the hell,” he yelled at Ian, but the other man couldn’t hear him."

Wednesday 10-8-14 -- Worked on the outline for Outcast and expounded on a few scenes today. Here is a peak at what I wrote:
"Daniele didn’t bother to acknowledge my father’s actions or the scathing look her soon-to-be mother-n-law gave her, she simply gave me another warm smile, and turned to face her future husband. She was absolutely radiant, and I chose to focus all of my attention on her and not the eyes boring into me. I had long since grown used to the way my family and Dave’s family detested me and didn’t care if they didn’t like that my sister still loved me despite their hatred."

10-8-14 Editor sent HIM back to me, so I'll be posting snippets from it soon. I started on her grammar notes and will begin her content notes soon. Yep, I have to add things, remove things, and rework things, but all of it will be for the best, I think.

She and I also talked about Immortal. Yes, I know I promised to post excerpts from it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't like my writing. Kathryn is going to take a look at it though and give me her thoughts.

Friday 10-10-14 -- This ghost story just keeps surprising me. Since the day I wrote the outline for this novel, I only saw one ending, but tonight as I'm working on one of the last chapters, it has taken a slightly different turn. I plan on following it through to the end to see if I like it, but I'm keeping my notes on the original ending just in case. According to the outline I have four more chapters to go, but with the new ending, I don't know.
Here is the line that changed everything: "I’m not saying she doesn’t love you, but this isn’t what she wants.”

Well, that is it for now. Good night everyone. :)