WIP Update 10-5-14

I haven't gotten to do much writing this week since I'm getting ready for the upcoming release of my next short story, In the Dark. Check back daily for updates. I'm also in the beginning promotional stage with HIM, my suspense/thriller that I'm hoping to release January 2015. Peruse this site to see excerpts from the novel and the novel's amazing cover.

Update 1. I posted this about my ghost story on Tuesday: Another chapter done. Roughly another 8 more to go and the first draft of still untitled Ghost story novel will be complete. This was another stressful chapter to write. Lots of confusing emotions. Here is a sample of what I wrote today:
“Michael,” she whispered, scared that she had done something wrong.
“I…I have to go. I can’t do this with you.”

Update 2. I posted this about Outcast on Wednesday: In working on Outcast today, I had to answer a lot of whys. Why is there tension in this novel and in this family? Why is the main character an outcast? Why didn't her family chose her? Why? Why? Now my brain hurts, but I've figured most of it out and explained why we are where we are in the first chapter. Here is a sample from the chapter I worked on today:
The pack had given the Mr. Alexander a... choice: shun his eldest daughter or keep their middle daughter from being with the man she loves. Mr. Alexander didn’t want to lay the decision off on his middle daughter, but considering he wasn’t going to outcast one daughter just because another had a crush on a guy, Danielle would have to be the one to decide between her sister or her boyfriend.

Update 3. I posted this about the sequel to ALONE on Thursday: Finally, after days and days of mulling this over, I know where I want to go with chapter one. Yes, I know this seems obvious, and I am starting in the obvious place, but when I first started working on the outline for this novel a few weeks back, I went in a different direction. That direction wasn't working for me, so I'm going with the obvious and starting chapter 1 of part 1 minutes after the plane crash. Yes, I have a copy of ALONE sitting beside me as a guide. Hopefully, I don't mess up my own story too much. Here is a teaser from what I've worked on today:
"Sitting the very pregnant Eve in a chair just inside the door so that she could see when they brought Wes in, Vera went to the small kitchen to fetch Eve something to drink in the hopes of staving off the shock of seeing Wes’ body."